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If you’ve ever dreamed about picking up a pen and reaming of a great novel or composing some poetic verse, or jotting down the story of your life, or creating..

Creative Writing Course: Chapter 2
Here it is, just what all you budding Byrons and Brontes have been waiting for, it’s Chapter Two of our epic Greysnet Creative Writing Course.

Creative Writing Course: Chapter 3…The Plot Thickens
Derick had been sitting at his desk happily scribbling in his notebook for several hours when his thoughts were suddenly wrenched back to reality by the sound of his phone...

Creative Writing Course: Chapter 4
Here it is, the next instalment in our hugely popular Creative Writing series, brought to you as always by the brilliant Karen Quinn.

Here it is the “pen-ultimate” (pun very much intended) instalment of our fantastic creative writing course. In this edition our guide and teacher, Karen Quinn, begins to draw together the various strands of everything we have learned thus far.

Well, here it is. The final chapter in our hugely popular Creative Writing Course. Endings are always difficult and parting is such sweet sorrow.

Open University
What Is Poetry ?
Introductory Course
- 12 hours study

This free course, What is poetry?, is designed to illustrate the techniques behind both the traditional forms of poetry and free verse.

Open University
Writing What You Know
Introductory Course
- 8 hours study

Writing what you know, will help you to develop your perception of the world about you and enable you to see the familiar things in everyday life in a new light. You will also learn how authors use their own personal histories to form the basis of their work.

Free audiobooks
Good news for those stuck at home in isolation: Audible is making hundreds of titles available for free during the coronavirus pandemic.

The audiobook platform has said that, for as long as schools are closed, anyone can listen to a vast selection of its titles. This means books read by Westworlds Thandie Newton and Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens are available to stream at no cost at all.

Simply visit from any web browser to get started. No log-ins, credit card or passwords needed.


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What is it about the Regency, and especially the novels of Miss Jane Austen, that has triggered a veritable cornucopia of lookalikes and spin-offs? Your Study Group facilitator went looking for examples, and was overwhelmed by the list that Google gave him. Are these later versions paying respectful homage to their originals, or is it simply market opportunism? We'll discuss this at 11am UK this Friday the 13th of August and to join us please click here>>> at that time (or a few minutes before).
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