Connect and Learn

Flexible Learning and  It's All Free !

Sevenoaks u3a Connect & Learn is radically different as there is no limit to the number of members. Everyone who belongs to Sevenoaks u3a automatically has full access to all of the resources on this website.
Our main website ( is the main source of information about what is going on in our u3a. This website is intended to work alongside the main site, as a repository of information which our members might find interesting or useful.

All members are free to submit ideas for inclusion on the website, and we will do our best to include all your ideas.
If you are aware of any learning resources which you think will be valuable or of interest to other Sevenoaks u3a members, please let us know at

These resources can include :

All the interest areas included on the site will be listed in the Topics section which is sub-divided in the same format as in our annual handbook.

Although we have now removed the "Visits" topic section from our handbook and from our website, we have retained it here, because there is so much online material which fits within that category.

The aim is to offer all members opportunities to benefit from a very wide variety of online learning, to suit all interests and tastes. Many of the sites included on this website will already have been mentioned in our monthly newsletter, but they will now be accessible from one location. We share and recommend a range of online learning resources which are normally  free and  are easily accessible. All you need is to be able to access the internet via a computer, tablet or smartphone. 

So, hopefully, Connect & Learn will evolve and grow in whatever way you, as members, wish to see. 

Site Updated on April 1st, 2023