Kent Libraries

Libraries in Kent
provide access to thousands of free eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers for Kent Library members.
If you are not yet a member, complete your details and create a PIN, you will be given a temporary membership number which is valid for 3 months (this period may be extended depending on the national situation regarding coronavirus).
Access is provided through free Android and iOS apps and websites. Use your mobile, tablet, laptop or compatible eReader to download up to 12 eBooks and eAudiobooks at a time.
No late or reservation fees apply.

The Libby App
The main method of accessing books and magazines is via the Libby app. This can be downloaded by going to If you scroll down the page, there is an online video available to show you how Libby works.

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Library services: disabled and older people

They have a range of resources available to make their services accessible for everyone, including:

  • induction loops (for people with hearing-aids)

  • large print and audiobooks (for people who are blind or partially sighted)

  • a range of easy access books including the Books Beyond Words range for people who prefer pictures to words (for adults with learning disabilities)

  • overlays (for people with dyslexia)

  • access to eBooks using the dyslexic font feature on the OverDrive app

  • accessibility software on library computers

  • computers suitable for wheelchair users

  • access to books and online information about disabilities and mental health

  • reminiscence boxes and Pictures to Share books for people with dementia

  • audiobooks by post (for blind and partially sighted people)

  • the home library service, which includes the Touch a New World Scheme to borrow iPads and access to guided sessions with a dedicated volunteer

If you have a disability or mental health problem, you also qualify for their exempt card.

You can contact a specific library to see the accessible resources they offer.