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How To Age Well

u3a members featured in ITV's Tonight programme on March 11th, 2021.

This was Series 23 - Episode 10 - What should we all be doing to take care of ourselves as we get older ?

Actor and musician Martin Kemp investigates. In this 'How To Age Well' programme, he talks to u3a members and CEO Sam Mauger about positive ageing in a virtual coffee shop discussion.
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U3A Radio Podcasts
These monthly podcasts cover a wide variety of subjects.
For example, the
March episode has a history theme, and includes :

The April episode includes a discussion on u3a Day.

Episode 1 - September 2020
Episode 2 - November 2020
Episode 3 - December 2020
Episode 4 - January 2021
Episode 5 - February 2021
Episode 6 - March 2021

Episode 7 - April 2021

Episode 8 - May 2021
Episode 9 - June 2021

u3a Birdwatch
U3A members are being asked to help keep track of our garden birds.

You are invited to join Garden BirdWatch, a free online tool to record your own bird sightings and keep up to date with trends.

Provided by the British Trust for Ornithology, BirdWatch is for observers to manage their own personal records and contribute data to BTO science; supporting species conservation on local, regional, national and international scales.

Build A Bird Box Challenge
National u3a are inviting members to take up the challenge of building your own bird box or bird feeder for your garden. You may prefer to decorate an existing one for the challenge. Whatever your preference, this is a great opportunity to build something for the birds in your garden.

A great way to encourage more birds and also take part in the u3a BirdWatch initiative! (See Above)

National u3a will publish a selection of bird box photographs onto their Bird Box Challenge webpage over the coming weeks and months, so please fill out the online form.

Maths Challenge

Take part in our weekly maths challenge, with problems and puzzles posed by Gordon Burgin, Andrew Holt, Rod Marshall, Ian Stewart and David Martin, U3A Maths and Stats Subject Adviser. If you would like to share your ideas on how to solve these puzzles please join our learning forum or discuss within your U3A and interest group.
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Weekly Quiz

Participate in our weekly quiz! Go to

These quizzes are intended for the enjoyment of u3a members and are subject to copyright. Please do not copy them for non-u3a groups and clubs without permission. This is a breach of copyright and not giving credit to the devisers implies you are claiming the work as your own. Members are welcome to add a quiz to their u3a newsletters (only) provided they include a statement, e.g. "Quiz devised by Madeley & District u3a. Copyright". For any other use or distribution, or for fund-raising, please have the courtesy to obtain prior permission by contacting Quizzes subject adviser, Chris Wright.

U3A Paint or Draw
Send in pictures of your original artwork on a monthly theme to feature in our online gallery. No prizes, just prestige!

  • Are you a dab hand with a paintbrush or pencil?

  • Do you want to develop your skills or are you simply interested in the world around you and how to capture it in a piece of artwork?

We are running a monthly challenge to encourage people to paint or draw a piece of artwork, then take a photo of their work and submit their pictures via our online form. We are going to be posting a different theme each month and inviting U3A members to submit photos of their creations on that topic.

This is not a competition and it is not about your artistic ability – what we want from you are interesting pictures, possibly different perspectives on everyday scenes or objects, anything which has inspired you to paint or draw.

At the end of every month, we will choose and publish up to 15 photos of artwork on an online gallery for each theme to share the pictures with all of our members. Just upload your photo using the form below (you will receive an acknowledgement once submitted).

Please only submit one photo per person. Your photo of your artwork should also not include any people.

The theme "Trees" is now closed. Thank you to all those who submitted photos of their artwork on the theme of plants. This is just a selection of the fantastic pictures that were sent in. It was very difficult to choose as they were all brilliant and much appreciated.

The theme for this month is: "Still Life"

Deadline for submissions: 19th May

Submit your photos by clicking here

Pets of a Furred Age
Do you have a pet of any kind that you would like to tell us about? National u3a are inviting members to share photos and stories of their pets – whether mammals, birds, reptiles or fish. Tell us any interesting facts about your pet and share a photo via our online form.

Photos of members’ animals and creatures will be shared on this page along with tips and tricks on diet, exercise and caring for your furry, scaled or feathered friends. The page on the National u3a website will be updated on an ongoing basis as contributions are received from members.

For more information go to

That's After Life
Esther Rantzen has teamed up with Adrian Mills, who she used to work with on the "That's Life" TV programme, to produce a podcast called "That's After Life".
It can be found at

Successful Ageing
To see a video of a lecture given by a member of the Royal Society to u3a members in 2016 go to

Grow Your Own
Go to for more information. There is so much choice to plant vegetables or fruit during Springtime. Cucumbers, beetroots, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to name a few.

Get planting! Please send in your photographs showing the journey your produce has made. We will publish some of the photographs on this page.

Any information about your planting tips would be a lovely addition too!