How To Create Professional Documents in MS Word

The Complete Guide to Windows 10 Privacy Settings

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint: From Newbie to Master

Open University
Introduction to cyber security: stay safe online
Introductory Level
24 hours study
This free course, Introduction to cyber security: stay safe online, will help you to understand online security and start to protect your digital life

Open University
Internet of Everything
Introductory level
- 15 hours study

The internet of everything (IoE) is the networked connection of people, process, data and things.

Open University
Introducing Computing & IT.
Introductory level
-10 hours study

This free course provides a general overview of how digital technologies have come to dominate virtually every aspect of the modern world and some guidance on how to prepare for this digital life

Open University
IT in Everyday Life
Introductory level
- 4 hours study

This free course, will enable you to gain an understanding of the information and communication technologies that drive our networked world and how they now permeate our everyday lives.

Code Academy

Learn to code (program computers) in a range of computer languages.

Computer Security.
Download the Kent Police booklet "
The Little Book of Big Scams (4th edition)

Discover essential cyber security knowledge and skills, and learn how you can better protect your digital life.
This is a free course from the Open University, lasting 8 weeks and needing 3 hours of study per week.
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MUO (Make Use Of)
MUO say they are staffed by tech enthusiasts on a mission to teach the world how to use and understand the tech in their lives. Phones, laptops, gadgets, apps, software, websites, services---if it can make your life better, we'll show you all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to get the most out of what you have.
Below are 4 examples of their guides.

Free iPad Training

One of the best ways of learning about iPads is to download Apple's iPad user guide ebook for your particular version of your iPad operating system via Apple's iBooks store. It's free - and comprehensive (around 300 pages). And there are also some other free ebooks available on this subject via Apple's iBooks store. Also Apple offer some good online advice and support via its website at and,and you can connect, phone, chat or email from here.

If you download the guide from Apple Books, you can read it even when iPad isn’t connected to the internet.

  1. Open the Books app .

  2. Tap Search, then enter “iPad User Guide.”

  3. Tap Get, then wait for the book to download.


The BBC also has some useful resources. There are a number of short videos at

Its Bitesize courses on ICT are at (these are actually for GCSE syllabus).

Some older material which is still interesting and relevant (now archived) is at

Learn My Way
Go to
Fuller details of Learn My Way courses can be found on the
Learn My Way page.
Learn My Way
is a website of online courses for beginners and has a number of free courses :

  • Using a Computer or Device;

  • Online Basics;

  • Office Programs;

  • More Internet Skills;

  • Online Safety;

  • Improving Your Health Online;

  • Managing Your Money Online;

  • Public Services Online

From the Help Someone Else page you can also download learning guides to help yourself or someone else learn about the internet.

Learn to code (program computers) in a range of computer languages.