Made It ! Make It !

Made it! Make it! Mask It !

Made it! Make it! on the National u3a website is getting a makeover and now has a focus on face masks.
Functional over fashionable? Why choose, when you can be both! Design and create your own face mask and send us a picture of your finished product(s) using the form below.

Please make sure you follow government guidelines on face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions and how to make your own

If you are able to direct people to resources or sources of support so that others can have a go, either on their own, or with their interest group then please do so. National u3a will publish as many of your pictures and ideas as possible to add to the gallery of submissions.

Please upload a photo of your creations using the form below.

Make a submission to Made it! Make it! Mask it!

If you go to you will see plenty of items which have already been submitted to this programme.